How Do I Become a Christian?

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Are you ready to join God's Family?

Becoming a Christian is the biggest decision you can make. Becoming a Christian is relatively easy. However, living for Jesus can be a challenge, but it will be the most rewarding decision you will make. Our guess is, if you clicked on this link, you want to become a Christian and join God's family. Praise God! The following steps break down how Jesus can save us:

  1. God is Love
  2. Our sin divides us from God.
  3. Jesus died for our sins, then came back to life.
  4. We need to decide to put our faith in God.
  5. The Holy Spirit will help us live for God.*

In order to decide to put your faith in God, say a prayer to God, asking Him to forgive you of your sin. Acknowledge He is God, ask Him to come into you life to save your heart and soul. This prayer doesn't have to be fancy or even long, but it must be genuine and real.

After you say that prayer, congrats! You're now a Christian and apart of God's family!

Here are 4 things you need to do after your prayer:

  1. Tell someone
  2. Pray- Prayer is just talking to God.
  3. Read Your Bible- our church gives out free Bibles!
  4. Go to church- Come to Clare Assembly! We want to meet you and celebrate with you.

*Resource: "Alive in 5: Assemblies of God"